Funeral pall with a sense of nature

A funeral pall does not need to look in any specific way

When the pall is free from any symbols everyone can appreciate it for its main purpose, to give a beautiful and comforting experience in a difficult moment. A pall gives the possibility to use a more plain coffin, maybe for environmental reasons – caring for the nature , and yet still create a fair and serene appearance, with or without any floral or other arrangements.

Many people can testify about their love of the wilderness. How they get a sense of freedom and happiness, a sense of being part of something greater than us, when they set sails on the sea, sit by the camp fire or wander in the forest or in the fields. Out in mother nature they can find inspiration and recovery, they can still their energetic minds, and they are always welcome – no matter in what state they are. In the nature you can truly feel the rythm of life itself, how everything is brought into existence, growing, dying and recreated again, through our seasons of the year. It may give a sense of consolidation. 

Research shows that nature has a calming effect

Out in the nature people feel less stressed and wellbeing increases, and pictures of nature have a similar effect. By printing beautiful pictures of nature on funeral palls, we want to help people to find strength and peace of mind in a difficult moment.

Everyone can use our palls

Any parish or funeral home may have them and lend them out, as we are all part of nature, regardless of life stance. A family may want to keep a personal pall that reminds of something central to them, maybe a particular part of the nature – as a lake or the hills. We listen, and do our best to acommodate any specific wishes, both regarding picture and size.

We share a deep love for the nature

We want to create palls that have the least environmental impact, and at the same time celebrates our nature that gives us so much of life, joy and peace when we need it. Our palls are made of natural linen fabric, and the are printed with water based textile colours, kind to both people and our environment. We use our own photographic images, and printing and manufacturing is all carried out in Sweden.