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Photographer Sweden Gothenburg

with over 40 years of experience, my passion is people and nature.

Photo courses and workshops

You’re welcome to contact us about our photography courses and workshops in Sweden.


Product images

I take product pictures for your website or your mailings. We work out together how to make your products visible. The images come as high-resolution files and I can also deliver printed images for an additional cost.

Staff photos

I bring my portable photo studio to your company and take photos of your employees. I make sure that everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera and that the pictures are really good! Everyone gets five different images in high resolution. I can also arrange printed photos (at added cost).


You’re welcome to come to us for portrait photography, or I can come to any place you wish, inside or outside. I make sure you feel relaxed when posing and I pay attention to the small details. You’ll receive at least eight images sent to you as high-resolution files. I can print them in any size and on any material, at extra cost. 

Environmental images

Would you like nice pictures of your office surroundings or pictures of the company on your website? Discuss your ideas with me and we’ll decide what works best! I can also take stills and video from the air with my drone. Maybe we should zoom in on your business, in a film sequence that’s posted on your website?

Pictures from events

Whether it’s a private or corporate event, I can document it all with my camera. I make sure that we follow the GDPR, get the consent of participants in the photos if they can be identified, and if the pictures  are posted publicly. Otherwise, I take pictures where the participants’ faces are not visible or are unclear.

Film clips for social media

If you want live images from an event, I can take film clips suitable for posting on social media. GDPR is of course important in this context, so we need to agree on the starting point, whether faces can be seen or not.