Slide shows

Slide shows with nature images for your health


There are so many screens out there that are either black or show a TV channel. That rarely helps you release stress. With the help of a slide show with beautiful nature images, you can create a little liveliness, something to rest your eyes on and help you be positive. A nature image slide show is a welcome addition to a waiting room, a café, canteen, shopping galleria, shop, company entrance, school, or a hotel.

Our slide shows contain an assortment of 30 of our own nature photos. When you sign up for a subscription, you’ll automatically get a new slide show every month. Your viewers will never get bored!

Check out our small demo below…

The slides change at a slow pace, 35 seconds per slide. That’s enough time for viewers to be  inspired by looking closely at every slide. At the same time, they also slow their own pace…

Enlarge the slides to full screen mode with the button at the bottom right position in the player. Feel the effect yourself!

Price: 75 euro/month